About us

National Travels CHN, founded by Mr V.M.Muthukumar, (Proprietor & Founder ) in 1998, has been active in the Omni Bus Operations and tour bus operation. National Travels CHN is one of the leading bus operator services in Tamilnadu. As we enjoy every year a dynamic growth in terms of arriving passengers. Currently, we are operating more than 75+ Services to connect various places in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The vision of the founder for valued and competitive services, development through long-term partnerships and investment in technology and infrastructures, as well as the commitment to quality without compromises, remain intact and continue to lead the company`s further steps.

Popular Bus Service Routes

Celebrating our success to serve premium travel services to our customers from Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Our popular bus routes are Chennai to Coimbatore, Chennai to Bangalore, Madurai to Chennai, Chennai to Palani, Valliyur to Coimbatore, Chennai to Trichy, Cumbum to Chennai, Chennai to Pudukottai, Vellore to Bangalore, Chennai to Coimbatore, Trichy to Chennai, Chennai to Alangulam (Tirunelveli), Coimbatore to Marthandam, Pollachi to Chennai, Tenkasi to Chennai, Chennai to Coimbatore, and many more for our customers.

Every Day Offers

We at National Travels work hard to keep our prices as affordable as possible in the market. This also makes our passengers happy, so we continue to offer them discounts on a regular basis to keep them happy.

Outstanding Customer Service

We have a responsive customer service team to which passengers can report any problems with their journey. This team addresses all of the passengers' concerns and works quickly to find a solution. This creates a happy feeling in our customers, encouraging them to travel with us again.

Great Comfort at Affordable Prices

Now, when a passenger boards the bus, he will be surprised by the bus's interior comfort. The buses have amenities such as WiFi, charging stations, water bottles and a central TV. The seats are extremely comfortable and give the impression of a cosy bedroom. We have nearly every luxury brand bus in our fleet. Mercedes Benz Multi-axle buses, Volvo Multi-axle buses, and Scania Multi-axle comfort buses are among our luxurious fleets. These buses make the journey more comfortable. Our mission to change people's perceptions of bus travel drives us to constantly improve our luxury levels.

Security and safety

When planning a bus route, one of the most important criteria is safety. We have the best drivers who fully understand the importance of safety and adhere to all safety regulations.

Bus Tracking in Real Time

All of our buses now have this excellent live bus tracking technology. Passengers are kept up to date on the bus's live location, allowing them to plan their commute to the bus stop. It also alleviates the stress of missing or waiting for the ride if it is delayed.

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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